The Best Live Lectures of  Tuiryananda
Srf Line of Gurus
 Individual Astrology and Its Relation To Kriya Yoga

Listening to the Classes of Turiyananda

For Those New To Paramahansa Yoganandas Self-Realization Teachings
The Seasoned Devotees and Those Who
Feel Stagnant In Their Meditations.

1. These are classes of condensed training to guide and motivate you in becoming the architect of your future in preparing for your destiny. The various principles revealed here will completely modify your subconscious influences.

2. Hear the advice of playing the proper script of your life on the stage of time and space.

3. How To Avoid Reincarnation and Karma.

4. Should You Marry a Non-Spiritual Person?

5. Attract Your Soul-Mate and True Love With A Secret Affirmation.

6. The guidelines for meditation and devotion.

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Do You Think You Know What Is The Foundation Of Our Universe?

The very foundation of the universe and everything in it rests upon the laws of equilibrium that is why in the Hindu Sanskrit the etymology of nature is known as Prakr.ti or that which can work beautifully by itself. Now what does that mean? The sages have taught through the millenniums the structure of the laws of harmony. They revealed to those who could understand there is a play of unseen for..More »

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